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A malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), commonly referred to as the "Check Engine Light", is a tell-tale to indicate malfunction of a computerized engine management system. It is found on the instrument panel of most automobiles. When illuminated, it is typically either an amber or red color. On vehicles equipped with OBD-II, the light has two stages: steady (indicating a minor fault such as a loose gas cap or failing oxygen sensor) and flashing (indicating a severe fault that could potentially damage the catalytic converter if left uncorrected for an extended period). When the MIL is lit, the engine control unit stores a fault code related to the malfunction, which can be retrieved with a scan tool and used for further diagnosis. The malfunction indicator lamp usually bears the legend check engine, service engine soon, or a pictogram of an engine.

Whenever you see this light on, stop at our location and allow one of our specialists to check your engine; and in this way keep your ignition, fuel, and emission control systems doing what they should by maintaining your engine diagnostics.

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